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Marine Air Conditioning News

Dometic Boat Show Season Rebates

Dometic Boat Show Season Rebates!
Good Until May 31, 2017

Dometic is offering Substantial Rebates on air conditioning units and gear, refrigeration units, Eskimo Ice Fishbox systems, and cabin controls during, before and after the south Florida 2016-1017 Boat Show season until May 31, 2017. You do not have to be present at any of the Boat Shows to take advantage of these great offers. Contact Us for more Boat Show pricing deals!

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Dometic Boat Show Season Rebates

Aqua Air Rebates
Aqua Air Logo

Aqua Air is offering rebates of $500 on their Chillers and $150 on Self Contained Systems. Also Aqua Air has their new Titanium Chillers in stock.

New!   Aqua Air Titanium Chillers
Aqua Air Titanium Chillers

Dedicated Parts Department


Howard O'Donnell of Tropical Marine Air Conditioning is pleased to announce the dedicated Parts Department is open for your business. Be sure to ask for specials and discounts when you call for marine air conditioning, refrigeration, ice machine and other parts and equipment.

Tropical Marine Air Conditioning
Now Hiring Experienced Technicians!

Email your Resume
or Call 954-463-0003.
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